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I help spiritual entrepreneurs create a personal brand that aligns with their true nature and their soul work.

Does your Personal Brand reflect the real you?
Or is it another mask you wear to fit in?

Foundation of You Framework

1. Personality Profile Matrix

I look up your personality profiles and put them into my Personality Profile Matrix. I then assess your gifts, strengths and weaknesses, challenges, purpose, and attraction methods.

2. Soul Work Roadmap

I map your Personality Profile Matrix to your Soul Work Roadmap and business activities to create your signature packages and launch strategy.

3. Soul Brand Creation

I design branding that aligns with this Foundation of You. This will include logo, colour palette, fonts, graphics, brand photographs, and design templates.

I thought I knew who I was, but it turned out to be an endless procession of masks I put on.

I know it can feel like the business world is loud, overwhelming and always changing at such a fast pace.

It can feel like who you are naturally, isn’t what is needed to succeed. When we see the successful people in our field, it can feel like that is who we need to be to get to where they are. And that success can only happen within these parameters.

But I believe it doesn’t have to be that way. When we are living true to our nature, in alignment with where and how our energy flows, success can come on our terms. By actually living and showing up authentically in your business, then you will find the clients that need exactly what you offer and you will actually enjoy working with them. 

By living in opposition of your nature, you’ll not only be exhausted, but your potential clients will feel the disconnect. Your business will be hard to maintain and you may start to resent your clients. I’ve been there done that, and I’m saying it’s time to stop.

I’m saying that the world needs us to be exactly who we are. We just need to find a way to show up that matches our need to go within. And we need a brand that showcases our differences as benefits.

I want the world to fall in love with you, the real you.

Be true to the real you

Your business journey and launch needs to be unique to you, it needs to align with your values, strengths, motivations, natural abilities and movement. We will explore these together and find the roadmap that was written especially for you.

After exploring your unique range of Personality Profiles, we’ll use them to design a Personal Brand that feels like the truest version of you.

What is a Personal Brand: When you are the focus of your business and the process of selling you as an expert in your field, differientiating your business through your personal profile, and building a know, like & trust factor with you. A personal brand is the perfect vehicle for a service based business, as it is you they will be working with.

What Personality Profiling systems do I use? I use Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth Energy Profiles + Scientific Hand Analysis + Human Design to build the Foundation of You – Personality Profile Matrix.



  • Discover your personality profiles and how these impact on your business
  • Determine your soul work, strengths and challenges, personal values and motivations
  • Map your personality profiles to your signature offers
  • Determine your Ideal Customer Avatar based on your personality profiles and your signature offers
  • Uncover your unique Brand Voice
  • Create your Brand mood board
  • Identify your Brand colour palette


  • Plan content creation strategy that aligns with your personality profiles
  • Plan your sales funnel
  • Plan your overarching marketing strategy
  • Plan your Personal Brand Photoshoot (including shot list, personal style, overall aesthetic, location & outfit choices.)


  • Have your Brand Photoshoot 
  • I will arrange this with my photographer, and it will be included in the cost of your Brand Makeover.
  • If you are interstate and you are doing the 30 Day Brand Makeover, you will need to make arrangements to come to Brisbane.
  • For the 7 Day Fast Track Retreat, the photoshoot will  occur during the retreat.


  • I’ll design your Logo + font combinations
  • I will build a basic WordPress website and we will co-create your preliminary content. 
  • I will arrange hosting for you if you haven’t already go this.
  • Editable design templates will be created in Canva to match your branding. 


This will be a session with Julie Lewin Architect of Healing. This will either occur at the retreat or via a Zoom session.

  • Discover your Master Success Pattern
  • Discover and release your Master Sabotage Pattern


A Brand Style Guide PDF outlining:

  • Your personality profiles matrix
  • Your service packages
  • Your core values
  • Your goals (personal and business)
  • A launch roadmap
  • Your brand voice
  • Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Brand mood board
  • Colour palette

Design assets:

  • Personal Brand photographs
  • Logo; pngs in various sizes & colour options, eps, original .ai file/s
  • WordPress Website using Divi template (unless we identify an alternative that is preferable for your needs)
  • PDF templates; these can be used to create opt-in downloadables, contracts, proposals, resources etc.
  • Graphics templates; these can be updated in Canva and be used to create social media graphics, banners, blog headers, etc. 
  • At the end of the project, after all payments have been received, you will have full ownership of all design files (including all working files) and Copyright will be transferred to you.


  • A sense of relief that you now know more about what makes you, uniquely you, and permission to embrace your true nature.
  • A confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • A sense of freedom that you no longer have to be anyone but you
  • A sense of clarity
  • A lightness of spirit
  • A determination to succeed

Package Options



  • Access to a range of worksheets – these will be used to map out your personality profiles, business strategies and design brief elements.
  • 4 x 1 hour phone callsheld at the beginning of each week to outline goals and expectations of the week.
  • 4 x VIP Days (via Skype or in person) – these include Clarity, Strategy, Brand Photoshoot and Brand Design.  All work that needs to be done together will occur during these sessions. 
  • Unlimited access to email (I will respond during work hours, but you can contact me whenever you need)
  • Handover of website, all assets and transfer of copyright at the end of the month and after final payment has been received.


Usually $10,000.00

To take advantage of my pre-launch discount, I will require a testimonial and I will be including your project in a Case Study and my marketing collateral.

The results, clarity and appeal to high end clientele that you’ll have by the end, will offset the cost involved. You will feel confident that you have a brand that feels and looks like you and will convert your ideal client. You will be ready to take your new brand and to the world.

However, I know I’m not for everyone, and that’s okay.


  • you are just starting out; I recommend a simple text based logo at this point and actually getting out and talking to people and finding out if they want what you are thinking of selling. Getting a professional brand at this point will feel like burning money when your business inevitably changes based on market feedback and experiences.
  • you haven’t fully committed to your business, emotionally and/or mentally; the way I work involves tapping into your Akashic Records and pulling your future brand and business into the present, this is so much harder to do if you haven’t committed to your journey. There are too many variables and the records become unclear. However, if it is simply confidence you lack but your mission is clear, we can work through these emotional blocks together as part of the process.
  • you’re not willing to go deep and be honest with me and yourself; you can and probably will feel vulnerable during this process and it can bring up some stuff you have been hiding from yourself. That is normal and encouraged, so if this isn’t something you are in a mental and emotional place to be or you’re not willing to go there, then this process won’t be right for you, at least not right now. This is not just designing some social media graphics or a logo, this is tapping into why you are here, on the planet at this time, and who the world needs you to be. The design work I do flows from that work, so I need someone who is going to embrace the process.

What this project requires from us both


You need to the homework. The work that I ask you to do enables us to get the most out of our VIP days. This work will require you to dig deep and be honest with yourself. Without this knowledge gathering, the end result won’t be as deeply you, it will still be the surface level mask you have been wearing this whole time. Commit to moving beyond this.

You need to commit to the VIP Days. Without committing 100% to these days, we will not be able to finish within the 4 week period, and I may not be able to continue working with you due to commitments to future clients. I want your success and I need you to want it too.

You need to be available in person for your Brand Photoshoot. We will plan this out in the session before, and together we will find the perfect outfits, props and location that suits your Personality Profiles and Brand. Once we book in this photoshoot you will need to commit to showing up for it. We will work through any emotional stuff this brings up 😉

The process that we go through together will be through the Hero’s Journey (if you don’t know what this is, please look at this article). And like all Hero’s Journey there will be times when it’s going amazing and you feel like you’re winning, and there will be times when it all feels too hard and you want to give up. It’s in these times of resistance that the greatest transformations occur, you need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, it’s where the magic happens. It will be messy and it will challenge you, but my commitment to you is to hold space for you and for everything that is magic about you to show up as it’s needed.


I will hold space for you to go through whatever transformation (emotional, mental or spiritual) you need in order to get to your magic. It won’t always be pretty, but I hold a 100% judgement free zone. Anything that comes up is confidential between us, and you can say whatever you need to say to get to a place of confidence. I am a mirror, you will find things bubbling up that you didn’t even know were there. This can be challenging, but if you are open to the experience, it will bring a profound sense of peace and clarity.

I will commit to you and only you during your project. I only take on one client at a time and I am all yours. I will only reply during business hours, but you are free to message or email whenever you have a question or challenge you need assistance with. 

If you live within the South East Qld or Northern NSW region and you are happy for me to come to your home, we can do our 30 Day Brand Makeover VIP day sessions in person. This is preferable for the way I work, so if you can make this happen, that would be perfect, however, via Skype is also totally doable and will work just as well.

By the end of this project you will know yourself in a way you didn’t realise you could, and you will feel a deep inner peace and relief that you can finally stop pretending to be someone you’re not. The world needs you, the real you, so it’s time to take off the mask. That is my work. I have been where you are, felt the things you are feeling and I am saying it’s time.

Are you ready to transform your life and your business?

Book in an obligation free chat to find out if we’re a good fit.


If you hate phone calls and would prefer to message. Feel free to use the contact form, email me directly (support[@] or send me an SMS 0421200938.

12 + 12 =

My values: Feeling free to be who I am and do what I need to do, expressing love & kindness, balancing my analytical and creative sides, owning our consciously child-free life, embracing my introvert nature, being detached from the outcome, always questioning and challenging expectations.

Words to describe me: calm, connected, detailed, efficient, discerning, meticulous, intuitive, observant, practical, understanding, caring.

If I was a city, I would be: Brooklyn in late Fall/Autumn
If I was a place, I would be: An old bookstore
If I was a fabric, I would be: Worn leather

This is me…Tash

My Personality Profiles:

Dressing Your Truth: Type 2 + Secondary 4
Human Design: Manifesting Generator
Sparktype/s: The Scientist & The Maven
Fascinate: The Secret Weapon (Mystique & Innovation)

Brand archetypes: The Sage and The Explorer
Scientific Hand Analysis:

  • Life schools: School of Love + borderline School of Wisdom.
  • Gift markings: Hal 9000, Lines of Genius, Star of Neptune.
  • My gifts: Solving big complex problems, translating abstract concepts into understandable language and guiding others through deep emotional transitions.

Things I like to do: 

  • Read fantasy novels; I reread the same books because it is how I switch my brain off, it is always going otherwise, seeing patterns and solving problems.
  • Cook and bakemy hubby and I love to cook together, it is our bonding time. We are both introverts, so will often be doing our own thing separately, so that’s how we come together again.
  • Watch Netflix; another thing hubby and I do together. Fav’s are Supernatural, Grimm, Mindhunter, Gilmore Girls, Chef’s Table, Brooklyn 99…that’ll do for now…
  • Think of new business ideas and create a logo and website for them, haha; My brain never stops so it is always coming up with solutions to problems I see.

Being a Design Lecturer

Teaching taught me more about design than my whole degree. It was the best move I ever made in my career. This is why I love what I do now.

I learnt how to be detached from my work so that I can show up for my clients and give them work that is about them not me.

I learnt how to assess the effectiveness of the end result as it works for the target audience, not me or my client.

I learnt how to work fast. This is one of the greatest lessons I took away. I iterate often and quickly and get feedback along the way.

My first wedding business

What I learned from running my own wedding business for four years and then selling it to someone who could love it as much as I did.

I got to truly understand the other side of the experience. The one where the prettyness of the design doesn’t matter nearly as much as whether it will convince someone to spend money with you. 

I learnt that you need to go into a business knowing whether you intend to build to sell or build to grow. If I had realised I wanted to sell, it should have been sooner, when it was on an upward track, not when I was tired of running it.

The business that “failed”

Sometimes you learn more from the things that fail than the things that succeed. What could be seen as a business “failure”, means more than the successes. I started a business with my bestie Amanda Vodic. We were so excited and we thought is was going to be a hit.

As we went along we started getting revelations about who we were and what our soul work was and why we were here. And the painful part was that it turned out this work wasn’t the business we spent a year pouring money and love into. 

But the loving part was in the surrendering and allowing the path to unfold beneath us. We are both now where we are meant to be and still co-work together. 

The discovery that changed it all

The first discovery I made was Carol Tuttle’s Dressing Your Truth and it literally changed my life. I suddenly felt like I had permission to be me…not the person I had been pretending to be. I reflected on a life living as a chameleon, changing who I was to suit who I was with and what they needed from me. Most of my life I felt different, and like I had been dropped on an alien planet. I didn’t understand other humans and why they acted the way they did. I struggled to keep friends, it was like they knew I was wearing a mask, and when it slipped they would turn on me.

When I discovered these personality profiles, I didn’t feel like I had been put in a box with a label, I felt like I had been set free. I could embrace who I was and see my strengths for the gifts that they are.

What happens when you work with me

By working with me, you won’t get gossip or frivolous fun, but you will be stripped bare of pretence. You will be shown as the glorious work of art that you are, but may have hidden, even from yourself.

I am a mirror. You will see what you have hidden, which may be confronting, but you will also see the gold that you thought was mud. When we compare what we offer to that of someone who is completely different from us, it is easy to say that what we provide has no value. But we are wrong. There is beauty and purpose in everything, and what comes easily and naturally to you, can seem like magic to someone else.

My job is to draw out your unique magic, show it to you so you believe it, and then showcase it so others feel like they’ve come home. You will walk away with a brand that feels like you, the real you, not the mask you’ve been wearing. You will discover a confidence and clarity you never thought you could have.

    Your Brand needs to do 3 things to be successful:

    1. Look & feel like you, in a clear and consistent way.

    2. Clearly tell your ideal clients what you do and what you stand for.

    3. Show your ideal clients how you can help them, and then convert them to customers.

    I believe, that authentic and well-executed branding will elevate your business profile and appeal to higher end clients. This is what they expect.

    Then by understanding your true nature, what gifts you bring to your business, and who you can best serve, you will appeal to the people you’re most suited to working with. Without this knowledge, you may end up with a beautiful brand and a successful business, but it won’t be suited to you and it will feel uncomfortable, like an ill-fitting coat. A discomfort you can’t quite put your finger on.

    Are you ready to transform your life and your business?

    Book in an obligation free chat to find out if we’re a good fit.

    or check out some of my clients first

    Madelaine Cohen

    Madelaine and I worked together (with her business coach) on a 2 day retreat. She already had her brand photographs and logo, so this project involved business direction, brand strategy and website design. She booked two new high paying clients within 48 hours of this site going live.

    Louise Geary

    Most of Louise’s site was created in one day on site working in person. She had already done a lot of work on her own copywriting and had her brand photographs already. I designed her logo, website and marketing collateral. She said finally felt like her brand was her and she could step out into the world with her business.

    The Relaxation Place

    Narda was an ongoing client of mine, and we did a lot of work on her business and branding for almost a year. She was a delight and is now travelling around Australia in a caravan with her retired husband.

    Gold Wedding Hire

    This is the website I designed for my previous business, before I sold it to its new owner Kelsie Hook. I had such a lovely time designing this website. And really, every website I design when I come up with a new business idea…which is many. I am a serial entrepreneur.

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